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Michael Blakemore Architects is a full-service architectural design firm. Our specialty is new construction and renovation of custom homes. The firm has designed over 50 homes in Coastal Orange County, California with many of these located in the prestigious community of Laguna Beach. The firm is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive architectural services and access to the specialty consultants required in today’s complex and sophisticated construction environment.  

Michael Blakemore Architects was founded in Laguna Beach in 2000 and has recently expanded with the opening of our Savannah, Georgia office. We offer a bi-coastal team of talented designers and professionals who believe in creating inspirational projects. Through our designs, we strive to find the perfect balance between comfort, practicality and beauty. Our goal is not only to create stunning structures, but to improve the environments we inhabit.

When we take on a project here at Michael Blakemore Architects we pour all of our creative and professional talents into it. We’re passionate about creating designs that will uplift and inspire the way you spend your time in your new custom-designed home. Take a look at some of our recent projects, including Lagunas oldest home restoration, a contemporary oceanfront and coastal orange counties first urban farm. Contact us to learn what we’re able to accomplish.

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In addition to being an excellent architect, Mike has a unique understanding of the political landscape that is critical to obtaining governmental approval and his involvement does not end with the issuance of the building permit.  The “ownership” that Mike demonstrated during the lengthy construction phase was evident during weekly meetings with our general contractor. His input during construction resulted in a “fine-tuned” residence and the complements we receive continue.   While Mike has many attributes, perhaps his best quality is his ability to listen. 

—  Stuart and Sandra B.

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