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Traditional Homes

Homes and buildings that were constructed decades or more ago establish the architectural language which traditional architecture seeks to maintain. The traditional language of doors, windows, building heights and roofing elements are carried forward in new construction, tying the present to the past and maintaining a tradition that will stand the test of time. The traditional architecture studio uses historic precedent as a basis for design expression while assuring that it reflects todays living environment.

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Contemporary Homes

Put simply, contemporary homes are widely popular because they showcase individuality and reflect the time they are conceived. Contemporary architecture allows the client to pick and choose specific characteristics and leads to a highly personal expression of architecture and personality. Clients are free to imagine their homes in a way that truly works for them, architectural conventions aside. The contemporary architecture studio embraces individuality carefully and selectively curating a clients raw ideas into built form.

Historic Homes

Historic buildings are tangible links to the past. They give a community a sense of identity and stability. It is important that our valuable historic structures are preserved and at the same time restored to life in a manner that maintains their historical character and imbues them with a new life reflecting contemporary use and lifestyle. The historic renovation studio starts by carefully assessing the historic attributes of a structure and then designs sensitive and careful updates needed for a luxurious functional home of the 21st century

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