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Miller Residence 

In 1993 a devastating wildfire destroyed over 1300 homes in Laguna Beach. This home was one of them. The original owner rebuilt exactly to the plan that was consumed by fire. It was purchased recently by two executives with a dream of living and retiring in a contemporary beach home. It was our mutual vision to create a home that would be warm but solid facing the street and gradually dissolve as one moves deeper into the house until reaching the great room where a coastline panorama and a 270 degree ocean view open in front of you. Premier views of this beautiful beach community unfold for the lucky guest and provide a dazzlingly beautiful picture day and night.

"We love our home and are enjoying every inch.  Thank you Mike!"

—  Sue M

"The house is even more beautiful than I imagined! I cannot tell you how happy I am with the design. I want to echo Paul’s comments—we really appreciate your continued involvement in key decisions. We are very grateful for your help in getting the project finished so that we can enjoy our magnificent home."

—  Paul and Sue M

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