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Property Featurecs & Amenities:

  • 2150 SF
  • 3 Bedrooms 3 baths
  • Cooks kitchen
  • Expansive ocean views from second floor master suite
  • Ocean view roof terrace
  • Basement wine cellar
  • Personal chardonnay vineyard garden
  • Spa and water features
  • Rose garden

Cress Street Residence


The project is the restoration and expansion of a 650 SF, 1 bedroom Laguna Beach cottage. Blakemore Architects have approached the project from the standpoint that we need to both increase its size and bring the home up to contemporary living standards while maintaining a feeling of a small village cottage. To meet this goal we have kept the majority of the project to one story and we have placed the small second story addition behind the existing structure. We have kept the size of the rooms modest, not extravagant and we have kept the architecture “cottage like”.

To meet that goal we are utilizing architectural details such as the dormers, double hung windows, wooden garage doors, horizontal siding, and a large amount of trim work consistent with the cottage style. The landscape also responds to this style with a small manicured lawn and rose garden in front and a picket fence all contributing to the overall look. The project required numerous approvals and extensive public review and comment periods. The project was approved by the Laguna Beach Design Review Board.